Monday, February 25, 2013

February Update

Even though I haven't updated in over a month, I *have* been crocheting. In addition to writing up more Calvin & Hobbes snowmen (Snowman House of Horror) that I'll post when I finish the set, I've also finished (or almost finished) a couple of other projects.

Viking Helm
I made a Viking helmet that I intended as a gift, but decided that I deserved the first one.  I'm currently in the process of making three more - one as the gift I stole, and two others for friends who want one.

Space Invaders Potholders

Another friend saw a picture of my very rough Space Invaders potholders, and asked for a set.  I've recently discovered Tunisian crochet and decided that this it was perfect for this.  I made two panels for each potholder then sc'd around each panel with black to give me a clean base for the green edging. I joined the left with slip stich and the the right with single crochet. I'll use slip stitches in the future.

Pac Man Ghosts Coasters
Tunisian crochet is perfect for translating 8-bit designs. These are a single panel that I plan on attaching to a cork backing after I block them.  Again, I single crocheted around the edge in black before adding the blue edging.  I tied and cut the ends (there were so many!) instead of weaving in my tails, and I hope that the knots don't present a problem once I glue/sew the cork on. 

They worked up quickly, and I made four sets while I was at it.

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